I Can’t believe it’s almost 2016!

I’m sitting here, thinking Wow, there are only eight days left in 2015!” Where did the time go? As I look back, I’ve picked out highlights (or low-lights) from the past twelve months. While there have been other events as well, these stand out as “key”…

  • January – Worst. Flu. Ever. Not only did I have to suffer through another Leafs “January Collapse”, I did so barely being able to sleep through the nights with a rare (for me) flu bug that I was sure was pneumonia. Written off work and all unnecessary human contact for a couple weeks, I did make it to our work Sales Kickoff in Montreal, although, I probably shouldn’t have been flying.
  • February – Leafs continue into the month losing eleven in a row before finally snapping out of it with a one-game win streak. We had our first family pictures professionally done in I can’t remember how many years.
  • March – For hockey this month, a buddy and I went to a Kitchener Rangers game, which was much better hockey than the Leafs had been offering up.
  • April – It was time to start getting more active and eating better! Back on Weight Watchers and walking at lunch many days when around the office. The weather was getting better, the Leafs weren’t, but Kevin Pillar…wow! Also, the first River City men’s wing night was a huge success.
  • May – More walking, more Jays wins…but all marred by the sudden loss of a dear friend to cancer, who will be missed forever.
  • June – Finally, I remembered to register for the Tour de Grand and did the 50KM route…the last 10KM in a downpour! James Carroll started biking this month, too, and quickly decided a new bike was the right move. Personally, I got in about 160KM this month on two wheels.
  • July – Jays make blockbuster trade deadline moves! Windows 10 finally arrived, and it only took me 3 tries to get it on my laptop properly. For biking, I rode 360KM during the month!
  • August – Camping month with the Barwegens is finally here – a great week at The Pinery! Jays continued the run for the division, and my biking slipped a bit down to 155KM.
  • September – Darrell Bierman, James Carroll and I kicked off the month on the long weekend with an 80KM ride to Port Credit – what a blast – my personal longest ride yet. Despite my leg cramping up bad at one point, it was the most fun ride I’ve done yet. For the month, though, that was it for biking, as I also got to go on our work VARTech cruise to the Bahamas for a few days! As soon as I was back from that, Stephanie and Bob’s wedding was next up, and that was a great afternoon and evening with friends! The month ended, of course, with the Jays clinching the AL East.
  • October – Busy month with shorter days, meant only one ride of 25KM on the bike, but that was from Jarvis toward the lake on Thanksgiving weekend – gorgeous day for it. The rest of the month was taken up with heart-wrenching Jays playoff games and bat flips and some Hallowe’en camping up at The Pinery with the Barwegens, Bowerings and Martins – fall camping was definitely different!
  • November – Actually this was kind of a “down” month for exciting events…busy at work, and, of course, it was great getting to see our new great nephew, Theo, get baptized! To top off the month, Josh Donaldson gets the AL MVP award – very well deserved!
  • December – Well, while the month isn’t over while writing this post, it’s been a blast of a month, setting sales records at work, getting ready for Christmas, having a dinner out at The Keg with Kevin & Jen, and seeing Steve Harvey commit the entertainment faux pas of the year! Looking forward to finishing off the year positively. I wanted to be sure to wish you all a very Merry, Blessed Christmas and Happy, Safe New Year!

See you on the flip-side in 2016!


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