A Slightly Belated Happy New Year


I just wanted to take a quick minute as we all get back to the grind of regular family and work life after the holidays to wish those I didn’t see in person over the past several days a Happy and Prosperous 2016!

What are your resolutions for this year (if you make them)? For me, I am going

to attempt the following this year…not sure I’d call them resolutions, exactly, but, hey…why not since it’s only January 4th? 🙂

  • lose 20 pounds by my birthday, and keep it off this time (no “Holiday” excuses about gaining it back
  • take more pictures (and then post them here to inundate you all with my lack of photography skills)
  • read 25 books (Lori and I have Kindles and love them…I find they help make it easier to carve out time to read…also using Goodreads is a great help with this, tracking what you’ve read, etc.)
  • bike more in the 2016 season…700KM in 2015…would like to get that up over 1,000KM this year

That’s it, really…a mix of fitness, eating better and a couple of my favourite pastimes thrown in for good measure. I hope to make anyone reading this help me stay accountable on these! Feel free to do likewise!

Happy 2016, folks!

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