A Look Back – My “Ride of 2015”

This morning I amportcredit feeling tired and just generally run-down, so I have been sitting here at my desk trying to “force” motivation of some sort for our fourth Blogging 101 assignment, and then it finally hit me…I should be looking for something that totally energized me; something that will pick up my day…thus, I give to you my “Ride of the Year” last year.

Since this is a relatively new blog, and I’m just getting to know my followers and readers, just like you’re getting to know me, I thought this would be a great peek into my cycling skills (or lack thereof) and interests.

First of all, let me start with what kind of biking I enjoy, and what motivates me to do it. I’ve always enjoyed riding a bike…the  quiet once you get out of town; the wind and fresh air…but I had a mountain bike, and once I started riding here and there with friends that had road bikes, I found out how quickly I’d get behind, or how much harder I had to work just to finish our rides on roughly the same day!

Fast-forward to July of 2014 anyroadand this little guy was added to my biking repertoire. A Giant Anyroad, which is a Cyclocross bike (think road/ gravel hybrid)…I now had a more “road-centric” vehicle that could help me on my rides, but still allow me to safely do some trails when I so desired. This bike has been the best thing for me in the hobby/ sport to-date!

Last September, one of my regular biking pals, in an effort to get us on a longer ride that wouldn’t completely kill us, set up a trek from our little city of Cambridge, ON to Port Credit, ON (right on Lake Ontario). As his family has a nice place on the lake there, the three of us riders (you’ll see below, that our friend and pastor was with us as well – always good to have a man of the cloth with you on an adventure) would venture out in the morning on our bikes, and our wives would come later that afternoon for a BBQ dinner. The day was simply gorgeous – it got quite hot on the ride, and I did learn a thing or two about how to hydrate and refuel (I had a right leg cramp at about the halfway mark of the ride that required a 10-15 minute break). I prefer to learn the hard way I guess! Almost 80KM later, however, we triumphantly arrived at our destination! Despite the heat and how tired we were, I think the looks on our faces tells all! It was definitely the best biking day for me last year, and we’re already discussing how to stretch it and do something longer in 2016.


Taken just before the refueling beers were opened!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how the ride back home was, well…remember I said the wives came for dinner? Well they also brought my bike rack with room for all our bikes, so the ride home was great…on the 401 in the van 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Look Back – My “Ride of 2015”

    • I was thinking the same thing, John…too funny! For mine it’s what I needed to get going today…just thinking back to how that ride made me feel gave me some energy 🙂


  1. My husband’s an avid biker (or cyclist) and racked up close to 2,000 miles last year. I’ve served as the support vehicle driver on some of his rides, but next year I plan to start cycling with him a bit. He’s done the Kady Trail in Missouri and the Michelson Trail in South Dakota, as well as lots of other rides. All the best with your cycling. And yes, that beer at the end is SO good!



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