Blogging 101: Day 5 Assignment

Wow! When I received today’s assignment based on themes, I figured this was right up my alley, as I simply love trying out new looks to things…almost to a fault! I had been using the Twenty Sixteen theme for the first couple of weeks, due to it’s clean and modern look, but then since we were being challenged to try out others, I went through EVERY free theme, and a few Premiums as well, previewing my site in each one and narrowing it down to a few in the end:

As you can tell, I have stuck with Fictive, but let me tell you…it did not come without its share of frustrations (thus the post image chosen) 🙂

I had a heck of a time getting the social media icons to the left to work without duplicating into my main Navigation Menu, which, while not the end of the world, was annoying to me – I wanted ICONS; not TEXT!

I finally found this super-helpful article about how to properly add a Social Links Menu (for themes that support this), and after a couple of minutes, I had the site looking the way I had envisioned.

I think I will keep this theme for a long time to come…I may play with the darkness/ lightness of it a bit, but I want to keep it simple, modern, and readable!

I welcome comments/ suggestions in the comments to improve your experience as well!


5 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Day 5 Assignment

  1. Great clean looking blog! When I find a blog that I want to read but the layout is messy or just unappealing then I won’t read it more than the first time. Now don’t go looking at mine, haha, because I can’t commit to anything other than pure simplicity.

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  2. Phew ! Am still doing that assignment 😦 choosing a theme is a full time task at least for a week ! But yours looks good and thanks for sharing your short-listed ones . Now I will check out these..

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