Hump-Day Ramblings

While I definitely didn’t walk through a space/ time tear today, I had to take a few moments away from a very busy work day to decompress a little. Today is a very busy day getting loose ends tied up with customers before a short trip to Montreal for our Sales Kickoff event. This is an event we all look forward to each year, as it always seems to be in a new location that somehow outdoes the previous year’s spot! That said, I despise having things not done, so today I don’t leave until all my customers are taken care of.

There are a few other things that have popped into my teeny-tiny brain today as well…no rhyme nor reason that I can think of…

David Bowie – Blackstar

Wow, I got this yesterday and listened to it while working from home, and I must say, for as dark as the music is, it’s a very lively album. While that may not make a ton of sense, I would invite you to purchase it if you even remotely like Bowie. His parting musical gift to his fans absolutely blew me away, and I would never have said I was a big fan of his. Rest in Peace, David Bowie, and thank you for the mark you made on music in your time on this earth.

Toronto Blue Jays

I think I’m getting anxious for the new MLB season to start much earlier than I have in the past several years. Let me point out that I am not a “band wagon” fan that jumped on last August when the Jays made all those blockbuster moves that catapulted us to the playoffs…my wife and I were fans back in the early 90’s, went to jam-packed games and sat in the nose-bleed seats and got burnt in ’92 and ’93. We’ve ridden the “ohhhh-so-many” down years, and are just plain excited at where they are now and where they could go this season. While David Price is gone (good luck in Boston, David), and we haven’t made any “Hold the Presses” type moves (yet), Drew Storen was a good move, and there’s still time left! Spring Training will start in a few weeks, and the electricity is still in the air up here in Canada left over from what we saw in 2015. All I can say is…     #ComeTogether

Blogging Community

As part of the WordPress Blogging 101 course that I’ve been participating in, today’s assignment was to interact with the community. The reason behind this is to get interactive with other bloggers, for a couple of reasons:

  • Conversation is inspiring
  • Interaction drives awareness of your own blog

I have been trying to get to this today and expand beyond some of the blogs I’ve been following regularly, to see what’s out there, so be warned…I am on the hunt, and if I leave a comment on your site, it’s because the teacher told me to!

Have a great Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Hump-Day Ramblings

  1. Mission accomplished, good sir. I hearby interact with your blog, with all the requisite pomp and circumstance afforded you as a blogger of the first order.

    Hear, hear!

    How do you think the Jays will get on this season?

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  2. Thank you, kind blogger 🙂 As for the Jays, I think they’ll do OK…the age-old question is how the starting rotation will pan out over six months…it seems we simply can’t get all five of them on their game at the same time.


  3. Happy hunting for blogs. Well, you have some hours more. If you’d published half an hour earlier you could have been blog number four to comment on. Oh, I was looking for my number four so long. But now this will count as voluntarily work…

    Btw congrats about the Blue Jays. It’s a bit early for the season, isn’t it? But I think MLB starts earlier as our Baseball-Bundesliga (1st weekend in April), doesn’t it? Have a great season!


    • Thanks for the comment @claowue! As for MLB season, yep it’s early (for me) to start wanting it to start, but that was my point 🙂 Season starts April 3rd so similar to yours…fans usually start watching what’s happening as spring training gets underway in February and March, though 🙂

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  4. Two things about Toronto. #3 son and I may do our summer bike tour from Buffalo to Montreal passing through Toronto. If so, I have to time it so I can see a Toronto FC match. I am a fan of the team and think with Giovinco, Bradley and Altidore, they have a good chance of getting to the MLS Cup.


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