Believing In Your Strategy

Wow! The last couple of days have been a whirlwind as the BlueStar Canada Sales, Marketing & Management team met offsite for two main reasons:

  • to celebrate the success in 2015 (with many thanks to our loyal customers and manufacturer partners)
  • set the direction for 2016 and make sure everyone has “bought in”


Let’s face it, the market right now is in a very slow growth mode, but is our team worried? The answer to that is a resounding “NO“! I have never had the pleasure of working for a team that is so focused on helping our partners succeed! Everyone has bought in to a solid strategy for this year, and I believe the major difference from what I have seen elsewhere is that this isn’t just “Managment Strategy”. I believe for companies to have complete buy-in, collaboration is very important so that there is a feeling of ownership with the plan. Our management team has definitely accomplished this, and I can honestly say that in my 22 years in IT distribution, I have never felt so pumped, and even more importantly, in control of where we can go this year! Other companies could take a page out of this book when looking at strategizing and planning for the future.


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