Do You “e-Read”?


Kindle Paperwhite 3G

I love to read. I prefer a book to a movie (most times). Call me old-fashioned if you like, but there’s just something about spending quiet time and letting your imagination flesh out the image of the author’s words. I understand if you’re a millennial reading this, you may think that I’m crazy (I know my kids do), but I think this stems from being encouraged to read as I was growing up. The fact that there weren’t as many distractions back then likely helped cultivate my love for reading as well.

What do I read? The answer to that is second, probably, only to “What kind of music do you like?”. My book choice depends on what I feel like diving into when I’m choosing my next book. I’ve always been a fan of fantasy novels, so if I had to pick a primary genre, that would be it! I also love a good suspense story, or a thriller or horror, and then at other times I prefer to read something non-fiction – a biography, self-help/ improvement, etc. This brings me to the reason for this post…it seems to be a bone of contention with avid readers:

Do you prefer eReaders or traditional books? I’d love to hear your side of the “argument” in the Comments section…

Over the past several years, I have been an avid eReader fan and advocate. When I first started looking for which one to get, I decided on a Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard). I researched the different formats that were out there, sources for books and it eventually came down to ease of finding and purchasing books in the Kindle .MOBI format, but also other users’ comments and reviews of the quality of the Kindle devices.

I know many people will say “I just use my iPad/ Tablet”, but I don’t get that traditional book feeling with those – the glossy screen is tough-to-impossible to reeink-paper-lcdad while lounging on a beach and the battery life leaves much to be desired if you’re somewhere where charging isn’t readily accessible. I find the e-ink technology that true eReaders use so closely simulates a book page that it helps bridge the gap between old-school and high-tech! The comparison to the right gives a great comparison between paper, e-ink and LCD (your typical tablet screen).

My wife and I have since “graduated” to Kindle Paperwhite models, which now introduce (in my opinion) the best back-lighting technology on the market in a smaller form factor and now incorporate touch technology (so gone is the keyboard). We both absolutely love them and take them everywhere! Her model is the WiFi-only, while I went with the 3G/ WiFi model (I tend to travel more for work).

I’m to the point now where it actually feels odd when I have to open a traditional book these days. It sometimes cannot be avoided as an eReader just would not be the best choice for, say, a PhotoShop Guide Book…that type of book, personally, I want the glossy colour pages to refer to time and time again. I absolutely love having multiple books with me all the time, and being able to easily and very inexpensively download a new one if I’m on vacation (typically for us that means camping) and need something new to read.

So there you have it – I e-Read…do you? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

11 thoughts on “Do You “e-Read”?

  1. On occasion, I e-read, simply because it is more convenient to purchase and to travel with. But I definitely prefer books in print, mostly because of the feeling I get when I hold the book in my hands, how the pages in my left-hand decrease and the pages in my right-hand increase as I progress in the book. And, it is easier on the eyes!

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    • Thanks for the reply! I love your description of actually feeling progress through your book…very cool – I hadn’t thought of that. I initially wondered about ease on the eyes, too, but I was reading reviews and hearing about how much like a paper page e-ink was…definitely more tiring if you try to read for a while on a traditional table though!!


  2. Not sure it counts as e-reading, but I’ve had a subscription to Audible for about 12-13 years. I enjoy it, not only because it’s like someone reading you a bed time story every night, the voice actors are, in some cases, phenomenal. out of the 400 some odd titles I’ve gone through from them, only a very few have left me disappointed. I have read a few books, like the entire game of thrones series, on my phone. However, I prefer an actual book to reading on a screen if I’m going to read it.


  3. I am new to e-reading and enjoy it just as much as a book. When I really like something I have read, I log onto Amazon or Barnes and Noble, find that book, and look in the reviews to see others who liked it. I then look for their recommendations, go to that book, and read the reviews.
    Doing that I have found some books that I really enjoy from a variety of genres.

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  4. zzzhe says:

    I’ve always been a true fan of paper books and didn’t want an e-book at all. But once my boyfriend borrowed me his Kindle…) and now I can really see that’s it’s such a cool thing!) so when he took his book back I felt miserable) I returned to my paper ones but I still remember how it is soooo much easier to hold an e-book when I’m lying in bed exhausted after a busy day..)) and if I read in foreign language I can sooo easily translate unknown words – with paper books I’m simply too lazy to grab a dictionary 😉 Still I love paper books – especially children’s – with colorful illustrations and cool pop-ups – that will never loose its charm for me) however in terms of regular and simple book reading I really prefer Kindle now. If I could imagine myself like that a year ago I would be shocked)))

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  5. zzzhe says:

    Hello again, Kevin!) I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – you know that challenge thing with Q&A 😉 You can find all the info in my post – feel free to refuse – or accept!)) Have a nice day!


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