Coffee, Anyone?

It’s fumugnny…several people that have visited the blog in its first month of existence have asked if I like coffee, and the answer to this is a resounding “Yes!“.

I thought I’d have a bit of fun on this Tuesday morning and share a bit about what kind of coffee I prefer, and show off my new personal mug that I use in the office (with my own photography featured, of course 🙂 )

My taste for coffee is varied (similar to my music and reading tastes, I guess), and I have to mention, I suppose, that being a Canadian, yes, I enjoy a Timmy’s every now and then, but in the office, I usually enjoy the Paradiso Dark by Second Cup in our Tassimo brewer. A couple of these in the morning usually gets me through the busiest of days. My weekend taste differs a bit, so on a lazy Saturday morning at home, I enjoy one of the few “flavoured” coffees that I actually like – Wild Mountain Blueberry by Green Mountain Coffee – in our Keurig.

So, what are your favourite coffees? Not a coffee drinker? Well, you’re still welcome here LOL

16 thoughts on “Coffee, Anyone?

    • Okay. Whew. Not too hard—My favorite coffee no longer exists: Biff’s. It used to be made in Little Rock, and their flavor named “Bifferdoodle” was perfect, imo, buttery, vanilla, cinnamon…and not harsh. Ah, for the days…
      So lately we’re into eight o’clock. Sometimes I make some frothy thing from it, but mostly I really just like it hot and black. Been at it too long or too much of an adult (?) to really appreciate much adulteration.
      Now, back to just gazing at this site!

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  1. zzzhe says:

    we bought a geyser coffee maker a few weeks ago and now I actually reconsider the place of coffee in my life 😉 still looking for a perfect coffee sort)


  2. Kevin- I am a hard core coffee drinker with serious espresso machines at the office and at home. My favorite is a local roast (Craven’s Coffee Company– out of Spokane WA) called “Atomic Blend” Which consists mostly of Sumatran, with a little Ethiopian tossed in for good measure. Double Espresso for breakfast, two (doubles) cups of Americano during the morning and a Double (no flavor) Iced Latte mid afternoon and I am good for the day and sleep like a baby by 10:00 pm every night. Send me an address to and I’ll send you a pound of Atomic Beans for you to review in your blog.

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    • LOL sounds like you drink more coffee than I do Robert! Iced coffee is something I haven’t acquired a taste for (yet)…going to have to keep trying those until I find something I suppose 🙂 That’s a very kind offer to send some of the Atomic Blend…let me make sure I have someone with a grinder first to make sure I can enjoy and properly review 🙂 I will email you once I find someone. Thanks!


  3. Hi Kevin – well I think they asked you if you like coffee because of your blog name? Which – by the way is what led me here – Janet said he had the name of your blog on something so I had to see what it was-
    And pretty fun!
    And with Timmies – do you mean Tim Horton ? I assume so?
    And for me – I like French Roast most of the time – ☕️☕️☕️

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    • Hi! You think the name triggers that? LOL 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I definitely did mean Tim Hortons and two thumbs up on the French Roast for me too…have one of those at home in our Keurig choices…also a Peruvian one that is really good (extra bold) for those REALLY lazy mornings!

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      • Mmmm the Peruvian one sounds good! When we first got our Keurig we had an outlet store (gone now) but they had Keurig brand coffees for sometimes half off – it was so fun to try different ones and was (and is) such a treat-
        And for me – on one of those mornings – I put some cocoa powder and a touch of butter in my coffee – and it has a satisfying impact! Got the butter idea from the “bulletproof” coffee guy. Sounds weird – but really good


  4. I’ve been a coffee lover for many years. Personally not a fan of pre-packaged coffee. I’ve tried them all, and Nespresso is probably the best on the market when it comes to straight-up coffee and espresso. I’m more of a, roasted last week, freshly ground espresso or pour-over. Sure they’re not as convenient, but I have yet to find a convenience machine that holds a candle to the flavour you can extract from a fresh roast. If you get a chance, hit Monigram in downtown Galt and ask for a pour-over. They do an excellent job. (both at roasting and brewing) and Graham, the owner, has a wealth of knowledge and passion for what he does.

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  5. As a fellow Canadian I too enjoy a Tim Hortons coffee in the morning. I used to go to this little coffee shop that has since closed for an Irish Cream Coffee but I also like hazelnut. Hazelnut is good iced in the summer.


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