Spin-O-Rama (My First Spin Class)

Lately I’ve been looking at cycling trainers so that I can get some good cycling time in over the Canadian winter months, and I’ve been chatting about it with some biking friends, one of whom, invited me as a guest this morning to a spin class at the local YMCA.


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Wow! I am very glad that I went! 605 Calories burned in 52 minutes of riding, to me, is pretty darn good seeing as I haven’t been on a bike since October 11th (Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada).

This morning’s workout really made me start to rethink how I can best keep in shape over the winter months, as well as augment the cycling season with other activities, too!  I can go as a guest a couple more times to get a better feel for it, and I think that’s exactly what I will do before jumping in with a membership. Going the trainer route was likely going to be a problem, anyway, due to space, so this will alleviate that issue. Now, this takes a possible Zwift membership out of the equation, too, which looked like it would be a ton o’ fun, but hey, going to the Y and doing spin classes gets me with…wait for it…this is scary stuff kids…REAL PEOPLE! I was pleasantly surprised with how welcoming everyone was, and encouraging (since I was feeling slightly out of shape compared to the others). I think it would be fun to see how I improve over several classes as my legs get back into shape and the lungs and heart adjust to being worked again.

I would love to hear from any of my cycling followers about your off-season fitness activities…I know some of you bike all year-round, so you may not need the gym, but throw your two cents in…I’m still mulling all of this over!

For now, though, great start to my Saturday…feels great to have a good workout under the belt to attack the rest of the day!

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