Rosehall Run Defiant

When it comes to wine, I am by no means an expert, but I have come to enjoy my reds, loving the experience of trying different wines and I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of the ones that I’ve really appreciated. I will warn my readers, too, that I may not play by all the “wine rules” (you know, what goes with what, when to drink such-and-such, exact temperatures, etc.)…I just enjoy it. For me. If you are interested in what I think of today’s wine, then read on and if you think it sounds like a wine you’d like, I encourage you to give it a whirl!20160221_204018233_iOS

Wine – Rosehall Run Defiant

Year – 2014

Type – Pinot Noir

Made In – Ontario, Canada

ByRosehall Run Vineyards

Price – $18.95 @ LCBO


I have really come to enjoy Pinot Noir on a lazy afternoon or evening (such as today 🙂 ) as I find them very light by nature, so if the whole bottle does find its way into my belly, I can still walk a straight line from the kitchen to the office. A friend of mine that also enjoys his red wines mentioned to me the other day that most people prefer a Pinot Noir with food, and that also if one really enjoys PN, then they are truly a “wine connoisseur” (I laughed at that, as I am far from being one of those 🙂 ). I, however, seem to prefer this lighter wine all by its lonesome…so take that as you will, and label me however…

This is the first time I have picked up any of this Ontario vineyards’ wines, and I was not disappointed! First off, I should say my Pinots of choice are Kim Crawford and Oyster Bay, neither of which are “domestics” to me, so I’m very happy that I’ve found a more local Pinot that I really enjoy. I will also be very honest and tell you that, really, the only reason I chose this one was due to the fact that my Cambridge-area LCBO stores were all out of Oyster Bay! Be that as it may, I am quite happy with my choice.

I always enjoy reading up a bit on wineries that I am trying for the first time, and the Rosehall Run site did not disappoint with their history (albeit relatively brief). Their vineyard is fairly young – planted in 2001, their focus was on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which Ontario is very well known for. They have since expanded to others, including Pinot Gris. Check out their Facebook Page for up-to-date information from this great little VQA vineyard!

Now, on to the wine…as usual for a Pinot Noir, I found the colour lighter, yet full…not watery looking. As for the bouquet, this is where I will really stress that I’m not the best, but I definitely smelled the berry and oak flavours that come through when you drink this. I find the taste very smooth and not too overpowering, going down very nicely and with a little bit of a warm feeling after swallowing.

So, what will I be enjoying this with tonight? Well, the first glass or two are “pre-dinner” and then the rest will be paired with some gouda-topped burgers and Caesar salad…again, likely not what most people would “approve of” to go with a Pinot, but to them I say “To Each His Own”

I would love to hear from people on any Pinot Noirs that you enjoy…list ’em so I can give them a taste!

8 thoughts on “Rosehall Run Defiant

      • Never doubt yourself. Wine is so individualized that you are never wrong when it comes to taste, smell and your own impressions. If you are interested, go to my blog and copy off one of my reviews as a crib sheet. It will give you the questions to answer to make people you actually believe that you know what you are talking about. Hey it worked for me.

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  1. Pinots can be very tricky. They are made to resemble Burgundy Reds from France. There are some really good ones and lots of faux Pinots out there. On the less expensive side
    Kendall Jackson and Woodbridge are the two that I keep around for everyday tastes.
    I also keep wine on hand for special occasions and the two Pinots I prefer are Bourgogne. “La Jumalie”, a French Burgundy Pinot.
    The other is an American Pinot… Block Nine from the Caidan’s Vineyards in St Helen California. Pinot Noir is the only wine they produce.

    On the down side of the good French wines is that they are forced to add sulfates in order to import their wine into the US for retail use. Sulfates are what give you the headache when you drink wine. Some of the corporate US wineries add sulfates so that every bottle will taste the same, which defeats the spirit of making wine.

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  2. I wonder why your friend felt liking Pinot made someone more in the connoisseur category?
    Anyhow – I enjoyed you post – you seem so down to earth and just fun the way genuinely explore wine! This post reminded of a very old book I have about wine and the author writes about wine snobbery – with so much humor!
    Anyhow – in my very humble opinion – I think all reds have more flavor with food – and just personally think wine is meant to be enjoyed with food – but I know many folks party hearty with it – or have some they like by the glass – like this lighter red seems to be for you-

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