222 Days

number_222Yep, that’s how long it’s been since I have posted! I honestly do not know where this year has gone! It has flown by in a whirlwind of seasons…here we are coming in to winter already.

The bike is stored in the garage for a while as the snow and ice start to fly here in Ontario (although nothing that’s stuck around so far).

On my drive in to the office today, I saw many early-bird Black Friday shoppers out, and I chuckled …are the savings really worth the crowds and parking hassles? 🙂

I have registered the domain now at www.instanthumanjustaddcoffee.com so hopefully that will drive me to post a bit more regularly.

See you around!

OK…NOW I can get excited!!

weatherniceLast night when we turned in, it was just around the freezing mark and there was a mix of snow and freezing rain…almost mid-April…it really was starting to get a bit depressing. This morning’s commute in wasn’t bad as this morning was just rain and 3 degrees…a bit slow and foggy, but nothing too stressful.

Once I got settled in at the office, got the coffee going and got ready for what seemed was going to be another “wintry” spring week, I decided to check the weekly forecast…

Imagine my surprise when I saw the above graphics getting more and more spring-like as the week progressed! I believe it’s finally time, folks! The bike is going to be coming down off the wall on Thursday evening, get a bit of a tune-up and come with me to Mississauga on Friday…I see a potential lunch-time ride (nothing too strenuous, but just something to limber up for a good Saturday tour) in my future this week!

What’s the weather looking like in YOUR neck of the woods? Is Spring finally winning? 🙂

Hump-Day Percolations

See what I did there? Coffee theme in the title…pretty slick, eh? 🙂

Spring is just around the corner. I know it’s officially started, but we apparently have one more cold front coming this weekend up here and I’m standing firm that after that we’re going to see a turn to warmer weather! Of course, I now have the start of a cold, so this is perfect timing…get through this cold while I’m not tempted to ride…then I’ll be ready to go!

I was out for some wings last night with a great group of guys from our church…had a blast just chatting and enjoying the company, and seeing some faces that I realized I hadn’t seen in a while. Catching up is always fun!

Watching some of the hockey games going on at the bar we were at, and seeing the Leafs stromanbeat the Panthers last night (not helping our lottery chances for the first overall draft pick by the way) made me realize how close the regular season opener is for MLB and my Toronto Blue Jays! There’s a buzz around the city as we get closer to the 2016 season, and rightly so – they gave us a great run last year, and fans around Toronto – heck, across Canada – are looking forward to this year with another solid team! Stroman has the nod for the season opener, so what better way to start with his energy on the mound?!

Well, I hope everyone has a great Wednesday, and remember…it’s all downhill from here to the WEEKEND!!

I Can Almost See Riding Weather

Well, here is the Cambridge, ON 7-day forecast…Wednesday and Thursday almost look like the rubber could hit the road (oh, right…I have a job so can’t go during the day), and then it goes downhill from there towards the weekend…looks like it’ll be at least another week before I get out again 😦

I’m hoping April turns around quickly so I can start racking up the mileage 🙂weatheroutlook

Snowmageddon v2.0?

20160224_131927390_iOSHere is the view at just after 8AM EST in my Mississauga, ON office. For the past few days there has been talk of some nasty weather heading our way this week…now if you’re like me, you do tend to take what radio and TV weather reports say with a grain of salt, as I’ve found over the past several years, their accuracy seems to have faltered. That’s kind of funny to me, too, as you’d think in this age of technology, forecasting weather would be more accurate…it just goes to show that technology can’t outwit God’s will, I guess 🙂

So whenever you see this kind of picture (this is South-Western Ontario, in case you didn’t recognize it) on swont-warningthe Government of Canada site, you know you could actually be in for something “fun” (Red = Warning, by the way…an upgrade from the Yellow “watch”).

I almost set up for working from home, but then figured at that time this morning it was OK and I’ll just watch the weather from here and head home when it starts turning worse, and beat the rush hour traffic (hopefully)…tomorrow is apparently going to be worse, so I’d rather save that “work from home” day for when I really need it!

If you are in this weather system’s path, please, stay safe, drive carefully and better yet just stay off the roads if you can.