WordPress Photo Challenge – State of Mind

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is:

State of Mind: This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo.

ripplesI like this photo, taken in the spring of 2013, not so much for any technical qualities, but how the water ripples are calming. I was honestly just goofing around with some settings, and when I loaded them into LightRoom later, this one really jumped out at me, so I played with some cropping and a few other settings to end up with this fun little monochromatic thingamajig 🙂

I’m curious if anyone can guess what the actual picture is of…and as usual, click the image to see it full-sized.

Snowmageddon v2.0?

20160224_131927390_iOSHere is the view at just after 8AM EST in my Mississauga, ON office. For the past few days there has been talk of some nasty weather heading our way this week…now if you’re like me, you do tend to take what radio and TV weather reports say with a grain of salt, as I’ve found over the past several years, their accuracy seems to have faltered. That’s kind of funny to me, too, as you’d think in this age of technology, forecasting weather would be more accurate…it just goes to show that technology can’t outwit God’s will, I guess 🙂

So whenever you see this kind of picture (this is South-Western Ontario, in case you didn’t recognize it) on swont-warningthe Government of Canada site, you know you could actually be in for something “fun” (Red = Warning, by the way…an upgrade from the Yellow “watch”).

I almost set up for working from home, but then figured at that time this morning it was OK and I’ll just watch the weather from here and head home when it starts turning worse, and beat the rush hour traffic (hopefully)…tomorrow is apparently going to be worse, so I’d rather save that “work from home” day for when I really need it!

If you are in this weather system’s path, please, stay safe, drive carefully and better yet just stay off the roads if you can.

Rosehall Run Defiant

When it comes to wine, I am by no means an expert, but I have come to enjoy my reds, loving the experience of trying different wines and I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of the ones that I’ve really appreciated. I will warn my readers, too, that I may not play by all the “wine rules” (you know, what goes with what, when to drink such-and-such, exact temperatures, etc.)…I just enjoy it. For me. If you are interested in what I think of today’s wine, then read on and if you think it sounds like a wine you’d like, I encourage you to give it a whirl! Continue reading

Tomorrow – Atomic Blend Morning!

20160220_223041460_iOSA special shout-out and thank you to my blogging friend, Robert, for being so kind as to send me a couple of very special coffees to try out! I now have a pound of each of Craven Coffee’s French Roast and Atomic Blend coffees. These are apparently a couple of favourites of Robert that he wanted me to try, so after a quick trip to ECS COFFEE this afternoon, to pick up a Keurig cup that I could brew some loose grounds in, I’m ready to go!

Thanks again Robert, and Sunday morning will be ATOMIC I think! I may take the French Roast to the office to share with the team there on Monday. I hope I can repay the favour some day with something for you!


WordPress Photo Challenge – Seasons

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is:

Seasons: Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

_KJR2206_developedSince representing a season of my life would require far too much thought for a weekend, I wanted to go with something that represented Spring weather…a season I am looking forward to soon (yes, I want the bike out!) 🙂

Enjoy…comments and criticisms are welcome and, as always, click the image to view it full-size!