65KM Burn

CaptureYesterday was a beautiful spring day as promised earlier in the week, so we got out and rode to the Flying Monkey Bike Shop & Coffee Bar – one of the best bike shops that I’ve ever visited! Again, I learned that I really should start out my season with some shorter rides LOL…well if this week is nice, that will happen each evening…have to get my legs and lungs back in shape 🙂

OK…NOW I can get excited!!

weatherniceLast night when we turned in, it was just around the freezing mark and there was a mix of snow and freezing rain…almost mid-April…it really was starting to get a bit depressing. This morning’s commute in wasn’t bad as this morning was just rain and 3 degrees…a bit slow and foggy, but nothing too stressful.

Once I got settled in at the office, got the coffee going and got ready for what seemed was going to be another “wintry” spring week, I decided to check the weekly forecast…

Imagine my surprise when I saw the above graphics getting more and more spring-like as the week progressed! I believe it’s finally time, folks! The bike is going to be coming down off the wall on Thursday evening, get a bit of a tune-up and come with me to Mississauga on Friday…I see a potential lunch-time ride (nothing too strenuous, but just something to limber up for a good Saturday tour) in my future this week!

What’s the weather looking like in YOUR neck of the woods? Is Spring finally winning? 🙂

World Vision Global 6K for Water

I may be crazy, but we Canadians are not usually thinking about road cycling in March…until a good friend of mine who works for World Vision Canada came up with the awesome idea of trying a branch of the Global 6K for Water run that they put on for those that want to participate, but prefer wheels over running shoes!

wvride2A team has been created for the Toronto-area folks to join and ride 40KM at the same time the runners are doing their thing! We are calling it Wheeling for Water.

When? Saturday, March 19th, starting and ending at the World Vision office in Mississauga.

So, what’s this ride all about, and why is the run 6KM? Well, I found out that 6KM is the average distance people in Africa walk for water! This blew me away! By putting on this event, World Vision raises enough to provide clean water for one child in Africa for every participant via our $50 registration!cleanwater

I am sooo looking forward to March 19th now…check out my personal page I set up – I put a $100 personal fund-raising goal on there to see if friends can’t help get just another two children some clean water…feel free to contribute if you can 🙂

Kev’s 40K Ride Page

I’ll be sure to get some shots on the day of the event – it’ll be happening rain or shine (or snow for that matter) so wish us all luck, and hopefully the cycling branch-off takes off and becomes part of the Global event!

A Look Back – My “Ride of 2015”

This morning I amportcredit feeling tired and just generally run-down, so I have been sitting here at my desk trying to “force” motivation of some sort for our fourth Blogging 101 assignment, and then it finally hit me…I should be looking for something that totally energized me; something that will pick up my day…thus, I give to you my “Ride of the Year” last year.

Since this is a relatively new blog, and I’m just getting to know my followers and readers, just like you’re getting to know me, I thought this would be a great peek into my cycling skills (or lack thereof) and interests.

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New Cycling Toys from Garmin @ CES2016!

Let me start by saying I love my Garmin stuff when it comes to biking. Up until last year, I used an Edge 705 bike computer, and last year, was lucky enough to get a vivoactive watch, which when I use with my iPhone 6 Plus running MapMyRide mounted to my QuadLock mount, well, let’s just say I love the data that I get back!

When I saw the news from CES yesterday about Garmin’s new products, as well as some new Connect enhancements, I thought it was worth a share!

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