65KM Burn

CaptureYesterday was a beautiful spring day as promised earlier in the week, so we got out and rode to the Flying Monkey Bike Shop & Coffee Bar – one of the best bike shops that I’ve ever visited! Again, I learned that I really should start out my season with some shorter rides LOL…well if this week is nice, that will happen each evening…have to get my legs and lungs back in shape 🙂

Tomorrow – Atomic Blend Morning!

20160220_223041460_iOSA special shout-out and thank you to my blogging friend, Robert, for being so kind as to send me a couple of very special coffees to try out! I now have a pound of each of Craven Coffee’s French Roast and Atomic Blend coffees. These are apparently a couple of favourites of Robert that he wanted me to try, so after a quick trip to ECS COFFEE this afternoon, to pick up a Keurig cup that I could brew some loose grounds in, I’m ready to go!

Thanks again Robert, and Sunday morning will be ATOMIC I think! I may take the French Roast to the office to share with the team there on Monday. I hope I can repay the favour some day with something for you!

Coffee, Anyone?

It’s fumugnny…several people that have visited the blog in its first month of existence have asked if I like coffee, and the answer to this is a resounding “Yes!“.

I thought I’d have a bit of fun on this Tuesday morning and share a bit about what kind of coffee I prefer, and show off my new personal mug that I use in the office (with my own photography featured, of course 🙂 )

My taste for coffee is varied (similar to my music and reading tastes, I guess), and I have to mention, I suppose, that being a Canadian, yes, I enjoy a Timmy’s every now and then, but in the office, I usually enjoy the Paradiso Dark by Second Cup in our Tassimo brewer. A couple of these in the morning usually gets me through the busiest of days. My weekend taste differs a bit, so on a lazy Saturday morning at home, I enjoy one of the few “flavoured” coffees that I actually like – Wild Mountain Blueberry by Green Mountain Coffee – in our Keurig.

So, what are your favourite coffees? Not a coffee drinker? Well, you’re still welcome here LOL