Research Time!



These just arrived from Amazon this morning – very much looking forward to some research and planning for a spring trip with friends coming up.

I love the thought of biking somewhere different for a change, and am looking forward to some recharge time.

We will also be taking in a Jays/ Red Sox game – I’ve never been to Fenway Park, so that’s something else I’m excited about!

Now to just pray for great spring weather! Oh, and some potential playoff games for either the Raptors or Maple Leafs.

65KM Burn

CaptureYesterday was a beautiful spring day as promised earlier in the week, so we got out and rode to the Flying Monkey Bike Shop & Coffee Bar – one of the best bike shops that I’ve ever visited! Again, I learned that I really should start out my season with some shorter rides LOL…well if this week is nice, that will happen each evening…have to get my legs and lungs back in shape 🙂

OK…NOW I can get excited!!

weatherniceLast night when we turned in, it was just around the freezing mark and there was a mix of snow and freezing rain…almost mid-April…it really was starting to get a bit depressing. This morning’s commute in wasn’t bad as this morning was just rain and 3 degrees…a bit slow and foggy, but nothing too stressful.

Once I got settled in at the office, got the coffee going and got ready for what seemed was going to be another “wintry” spring week, I decided to check the weekly forecast…

Imagine my surprise when I saw the above graphics getting more and more spring-like as the week progressed! I believe it’s finally time, folks! The bike is going to be coming down off the wall on Thursday evening, get a bit of a tune-up and come with me to Mississauga on Friday…I see a potential lunch-time ride (nothing too strenuous, but just something to limber up for a good Saturday tour) in my future this week!

What’s the weather looking like in YOUR neck of the woods? Is Spring finally winning? 🙂

What a Week!

As you can probably tell from the lack of posts here, it was a very crazy week. My apologies for not showing myself in the blogosphere, but hopefully it’s back to a manageable, sane pace again. I did manage to enjoy IMG_0616a Leafs game on Thursday evening, which, of course, they lost by a goal that they gave up close to the end of the game. It was still a great environment, and the seats were great, so a superb evening for sure!

On Saturday a couple cycling friends and I headed to the Toronto International Bike Show, which was jam-packed with great deals from wall to wall! Initially, the idea for one of the friends and I was to look for a deal on a road wheel and tire IMG_0632set for his hybrid and my Cyclocross. We have both been finding we enjoy pure road riding most, so wanted the option of swapping out for thinner, slicker road sets when the ride warranted that. After pricing a few out, and discussing with the experts, we realized we were only getting halfway to a real road experience (our drivetrains are not geared as high), so then the deals started showing themselves on some entry-level endurance racers, and we both ended up wheeling out new purchases! Here’s my new (2014) Trek Domane 2.3 after a quick 10KM test ridetestride this afternoon (a bit chilly, but it was sunny, so that helped keep me warm). I wasn’t going too fast, as I need to do some adjustments to the new shoes (first time using clip pedals and shoes). My cadence sensor may not be completely aligned properly either, so will fiddle with that. All in all, though, MUCH more acceleration with this bike than the Giant AnyRoad, and it definitely rolls along much easier. Once I get back my biking legs this spring it will be interesting to see how much more speed and endurance I can get with this setup.

Off to do some steaks for dinner now…enjoy the last bits of the weekend!

Spin-O-Rama (My First Spin Class)

Lately I’ve been looking at cycling trainers so that I can get some good cycling time in over the Canadian winter months, and I’ve been chatting about it with some biking friends, one of whom, invited me as a guest this morning to a spin class at the local YMCA.


Click for detailed view

Wow! I am very glad that I went! 605 Calories burned in 52 minutes of riding, to me, is pretty darn good seeing as I haven’t been on a bike since October 11th (Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada).

This morning’s workout really made me start to rethink how I can best keep in shape over the winter months, as well as augment the cycling season with other activities, too!  I can go as a guest a couple more times to get a better feel for it, and I think that’s exactly what I will do before jumping in with a membership. Going the trainer route was likely going to be a problem, anyway, due to space, so this will alleviate that issue. Now, this takes a possible Zwift membership out of the equation, too, which looked like it would be a ton o’ fun, but hey, going to the Y and doing spin classes gets me with…wait for it…this is scary stuff kids…REAL PEOPLE! I was pleasantly surprised with how welcoming everyone was, and encouraging (since I was feeling slightly out of shape compared to the others). I think it would be fun to see how I improve over several classes as my legs get back into shape and the lungs and heart adjust to being worked again.

I would love to hear from any of my cycling followers about your off-season fitness activities…I know some of you bike all year-round, so you may not need the gym, but throw your two cents in…I’m still mulling all of this over!

For now, though, great start to my Saturday…feels great to have a good workout under the belt to attack the rest of the day!