Boyz of Pop…Coming Soon!

boyzofpopWell, it was a long weekend here in Ontario this past weekend, and I took the whole weekend off of posting, and pretty much being online in any way. It was relaxing as we enjoyed the weekend as a family, cooking, reading, playing games, etc. Real downtime, in my opinion 🙂

This, however, brings me to a very exciting announcement involving one of our boys (or “boyz”, I suppose, if you read the poster). He and three other young men will be performing this summer, in tribute to several past and present boy bands. Details are still coming in,  but we will update everyone as we get information!

For those that don’t know me in person…our son is the one on the right…well, our left, looking at the picture…yeah, the left…that’s it 🙂

The Best Cover EVER!

I’m sitting here in my office working away and this came on my iPhone playlist…this cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence is probably one of the last songs you would ever expect Disturbed to do, but even if you can’t stand their genre, please take a second to listen to this cover. I honestly believe it’s the best cover of any song I have ever heard…I’d love to hear your thoughts!