Book Review – Shift Work

shiftworkI’ve been reading up a storm so far this year…all sorts of books to keep things fresh. After a couple of great fantasy novels in a row, I wanted to change things up, so I grabbed Shift Work off of and lo and behold, only two days later, I’m done!

I’ll start off by saying I’ve always been a Leafs fan and Domi was always fun to watch, but it was an amazing read learning about how he grew up in a close-knit family and how he became the Toronto fan favourite he is today!

Tie does a great job at giving you some insight into his parents, who were Albanian immigrants, and how they worked hard to provide for their young family now in Canada. You get a look at how he grew up and interacted with everyone, and it progresses in to how he got into hockey.

The last third (roughly) of the book is about his life post-retirement from the NHL, and surprisingly I found this just as engaging as the stories about his time as a hockey enforcer. He ends with some glowing words about his three children and you really get the impression that all the old-school values he grew up with have definitely been instilled in all of them.

Even if you are not a hockey, or Leafs, fan I would encourage you to read this one…Tie really is a down-to-earth, regular guy who has worked hard for everything he achieved (and still is) and you will have a different view of what makes “Tie tick”!