April Showers?

Yeah…so here are a couple of shots from this past weekend in Southwestern Ontario…

The one where the snow is falling is from Saturday afternoon, and the one with the plow in our court is from this morning at 7:10am.

Aren’t we usually ooing and ahhing about the pretty little buds starting to appear on the tree branches right about now?

Oh, but the Blue Jays got off to a great 2016 season start yesterday!

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Snowmageddon v2.0?

20160224_131927390_iOSHere is the view at just after 8AM EST in my Mississauga, ON office. For the past few days there has been talk of some nasty weather heading our way this week…now if you’re like me, you do tend to take what radio and TV weather reports say with a grain of salt, as I’ve found over the past several years, their accuracy seems to have faltered. That’s kind of funny to me, too, as you’d think in this age of technology, forecasting weather would be more accurate…it just goes to show that technology can’t outwit God’s will, I guess 🙂

So whenever you see this kind of picture (this is South-Western Ontario, in case you didn’t recognize it) on swont-warningthe Government of Canada site, you know you could actually be in for something “fun” (Red = Warning, by the way…an upgrade from the Yellow “watch”).

I almost set up for working from home, but then figured at that time this morning it was OK and I’ll just watch the weather from here and head home when it starts turning worse, and beat the rush hour traffic (hopefully)…tomorrow is apparently going to be worse, so I’d rather save that “work from home” day for when I really need it!

If you are in this weather system’s path, please, stay safe, drive carefully and better yet just stay off the roads if you can.