Workday Walking – Make It Count

activeMany days, I’m working in our office in Mississauga, ON…meaning I’m not very active. To combat that, and get some calories burnt, I try to get out over a lunch hour and go for a walk. I’m typically alone, so I am just armed with my phone, some headphones playing some good heavy walking music and my Garmin vivoactive. I enjoy getting out on nice days (year-round) and have a couple of routes that I mix up depending what I feel like…one is about a 3KM route that takes 25-30 minutes and the other is 5KM and I can do that in 45-50 minutes. It’s all extra activity and calories burnt, and you get out in the fresh (Toronto-area) air and, for me, it’s a great “decompress” from the office stress, which in turn, I believe makes me much more productive for the balance of the day! I’ve been reading up about different ways to make the walks more beneficial from a calorie-burn perspective, and here are just a few things I’ve learned along the way…I hope you find them helpful…and if you’ve never tried a lunch-time walk, I urge you to…you may just like it! Read on for more… Continue reading