The Stat Connection – WHY?

So, this morning my office commute took over twice the normal time, thanks to a dusting of snow (seriously…it was only about 1-2 inches). Come on folks, we’re Canadian! Our friends on the East Coast are getting dumped on, and I bet they’re doing better than us!

That’s not the topic of today’s post, though…I’m now behind on my day and at a loss for a good topic, so I relied on the ever-popular WordPress Daily Post for inspiration, and lo and behold, when I saw today’s prompt, I thought it would be pretty darn cool to take a look back on this site’s short lifespan to see where my most popular days were (based on visits and views) and maybe get some input from readers on why they received more “action” than others…so without further adieu…the top 3 days on Instant Human, Just Add Coffee [insert drum-roll here]! Continue reading


Sean Connery is IN THE HOUSE!

OK well he would be if Audible ever approached me saying they want to convert my humble little site into an audiobook and asked me who I want to narrate!

seanconneryCan’t you just imagine the best James Bond ever voicing my silly little ramblings? Come on…go to any of my posts that you’ve read in the past (or – better yet – find one you haven’t) and read it using Sean Connery’s voice in your head…didn’t it just make that post a THOUSAND TIMES BETTER??? It sure did for me 🙂

Other people I would consider would be Seth MacFarlane, Patrick Stewart, and Keanu Reeves (more “John Wick”, though, than “Bill & Ted”). Oh, and in case you were wondering where the heck this all stems from, check out the WordPress Daily Post. I look forward to reading some of your angles taken on this post prompt. 🙂